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Weight Loss Consultant and Personal Trainer in Orange County

If you’re searching for a personal trainer or nutrition consultant who can help you lose weight, stay fit and live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle then look no further than
Health & Fitness by Shirley Rubin.

Choosing Shirley and her Health and Fitness regimen means you have the attention of a certified personal trainer with the knowledge & skills needed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal training is the ultimate investment in your life, your health, and yourself. Her personalized programs will motivate, energize and help you achieve those fitness, nutrition and weight loss goals. Getting results and transforming your body and mind are what she’s all about.

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Personal training workouts with Shirley Rubin are designed for the individual and structures around you achieving your own personal fitness goals. The combination of cardio exercise and strength exercises are focused on helping you build muscle, lose weight, improve health and enjoy life. The benefits of a regular fitness routine include access weight loss, achieving a better mood, gaining more energy, getting a better night’s sleep and can help fight and prevent health problems.
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Weight Loss

Healthy weight can promote many health benefits. These include lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, less stress on bones and joints, and less work for the heart. It is important to maintain a healthy weight in order to reap the health benefits over a lifetime.

Keeping extra weight off takes effort and commitment, just as losing weight does. Weight loss goals are reached by a combination of changes in diet, eating habits, and exercise. Shirley can help you achieve your weight loss goals and help you maintain that healthy weight once reached.
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Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body. It helps the body fight off infections and function properly. The start of a healthy diet and better health starts with nutrition basics. Knowing which foods are healthy, learning how to swap bad foods for good foods and knowing your body’s specific nutrient requirements for your activity level.

Swapping unhealthy foods for healthy foods can improve your health and wellness which will improve your energy levels and mental clarity, decrease your weight and improve your sleep therefore reducing your risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

Shirley can help create a personalized nutrition plan that fits in with your lifestyle and any diet restriction needs.
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Each customized fitness plan is designed for the individual. Shirley will access your needs and wants and design a custom plan to fit those needs. Group pricing is also offered. If you would like to try a group plan with a friend(s) or an individual plan in the comfort of your home, facility gym or out in the open air of a local park contact Shirley today.

Shirley is also available for online training for those who don’t live in the area, have a hectic schedule or simply prefer the privacy it affords.
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Shirley has the experience, knowledge and certified credentials to give you the best and most effective fitness programs available.

Caring & Patience

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Shirley will guide you through your journey with an understanding and caring attitude, while also being focused and disciplined enabling you reach your health and fitness goals.

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