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A little about Shirley

The one thing you should know about me is I love superheros because they have amazing super powers that fight for justice and freedom. They lead with their big hearts and bounce back time and time again to win.

When I work with my clients they discover their own brand of super-ness. Whether it’s uncovering their deepest hearts desire or unleashing their personal strength they are transformed so that they can have the relationship, the self-esteem, and sense of purpose they are here to get.

A lot of them are challenged by seemly impossible odds and yet discover there actually is nothing to big to be lessened and together anything is possible.

Life wasn’t always easy for me, moving half way across the world to be in a new country, strange culture and with language barriers…it was challenging, hard and emotional. That’s why I have developed a method and systems to support others with their often seemingly insurmountable struggles.

Shirley's philosophy

Our dreams and desires drives us to triumphs or to tragedies. The defining key is our capacity to expand, flow and change. Most of us don’t have a clue how to do this. Just like someone untrained trying to become an Olympic athlete or lose 75 lbs. overnight, it’s a total Disney fantasy. If you have ever struggled to lose weight, bounce back from a failed relationship, find your passion or purpose you know it can be like hacking through a dense forest with a butter knife. You just might as well give up. But what if there is another way? There is body weight and there is emotional weight and when I work with my clients we transform both… So you can live the life that up until now you have only dreamed of. The first thing to any shift or lasting change is the willingness to take the first step…

“There is emotional weight and there is body weight…
and together we can transform both. “


StrongBoard Balance Certified (Specialty Class)

Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
(Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)

Certified Life Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach (Associate Science Degree in Nutrition Education)

BS Degree from Long Beach State University

Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Professional Bio

Shirley has been a fitness professional since 2001. She is certified in a wide variety of Fitness Formats including HIIT, Weight Lifting, Dance, Mat-Pilates, CrossFit, and Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

Shirley works with people who have tried many different weight-loss solution and are still struggling with it as she specializes in Weight-Loss. She has also been in a Muscle Contest competition and understands how to build muscles and prepare for a special event, or a race (Marathon, Obstacle Course). It is her passion to improve people’s health and fitness level, guide people to defining goals and how to reach them, and she is proud to be a Transformational Coach, who inspires people to live a life of happiness, health and abundance.

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