These are basic pre-packaged programs.
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One on One

2-3 times per week*
$ 85-120 per session depending on program
  • 2-3 Sessions Per Week
  • Your body and your lifestyle might be different from others. I offer personal programs for individuals who are interested in making positive changes in their lives in order to reach specific goals such as weight loss or weight gain, Getting in the best shape of your life, maintain strength, balance, and a healthy body, and more depending on your personal desires.

Nutrition Coaching/

Online Only*
$ 299 10-Day Program
  • Shred 10 Cleanse
  • Nutrition Consult and Menu Plan
  • Customized Fitness Regimen*

Small Group

2-3 times per week*
$ 129 starting from $129.00 per mo**
  • 2-3 Sessions Per Week
  • Small group physical training allows individual attention to each of my clients which makes it more beneficial compared to large group settings

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Shirley has the experience, knowledge and certified credentials to give you the best and most effective fitness programs available.

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Shirley will guide you through your journey with an understanding and caring attitude, while also being focused and disciplined enabling you reach your health and fitness goals.

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